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devin: 2008-11-21 04:32:51
my dik is so hard right now

Foxy-AYA: 2008-06-28 07:45:46
Love this Anime! Love this picture! Oh thank God!!!!

Baru: 2007-09-05 23:40:29
i love it!

2GUD4U: 2007-08-25 07:01:46
Makes em' look like metal.

Anonymous: 2007-08-05 05:27:16
I LOVE THIS! It looks like dark elves, which totally rock, and its really well drawn!

sakura: 2007-07-14 07:17:20
they look like drow from the forgotten realms series, the grey skin and all, id say, judging from photon level and shade, they are far to grey. a lighter shade and it'd look much mroe real, id say the grey from the spots on their bodies would make a better all over grey. basically all im saying is, that tree cannot stop the light to that degree, the light reflected off of the grass would illuminate them more then they are depicted. constuctive critism ^^ its nicely draw, nicely colours, except for the level of grey, 6/10 ^^

Alice: 2007-07-13 09:39:44
I love this image. You know, maybe I should try getting someone in a meadow like that. LOL.

HarlequinxCunt: 2007-06-29 05:22:13
Gorgeous... I love it...

Anonymous: 2007-06-25 21:52:21
MORE Like THIS!!!!! Its great!!

Anonymous: 2007-06-01 13:49:34
so shiny...