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This oekaki is devoted to the creation of yuri (girl/girl) erotic anime-styled artwork.
Please read the rules before applying!

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[7] Artist: crimsonwolf | Title: Bondage party | Time: 190 min
Pic #7
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crimsonwolf @ Monday, July 16th 2007, 12:17 AM
havent drawn with this in a long time

(Edited on July 16, 2007, 12:19 am)
Nekotaku @ Monday, July 16th 2007, 8:49 AM

Thanks for contributing! Sorry I took so long to authorise your account, I kinda forgot this board was here and I was busy with other stuff ^^;

[6] Artist: Nekotaku | Title: testing... | Time: 32 min
Pic #6

ShiPainter Pro
Nekotaku @ Sunday, February 11th 2007, 9:00 PM

still learning...

[5] Artist: Star | Title: Star's First Attempt | Time: 231 min
Pic #5

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Star @ Friday, November 17th 2006, 4:55 AM

Damn this is me trying to figure out how this thing works. I'm probably better off with MsPaint. But maybe if I figure out how to fill I can do better. Also I didn't know how to zoom in until it was too late

Well Its the best one for now.

[3] Artist: Nekotaku | Title: Test | Time: 103 min
Pic #3

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Nekotaku @ Saturday, July 22nd 2006, 7:24 PM

Hm, only the second oekaki pic I've ever drawn. I'm still learning this stuff...:p

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