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BIOHAZARD: 2009-11-27 22:29:43
too cat and not enough girl kthxbai.

Foxy-AYA: 2008-06-29 03:47:29
e-hum! ladies.... Shit! a-a-a... Ehhh he her.... Mind if I join! !

Loki-Kun: 2008-06-03 15:45:39
This is kinda a pun *please don't kill me* THERE FIGHTING THE DOGS OF WAR!!!! just had to say it. if they were in airplanes they'd be having *again don't kill me please* DOG FIGHTS!!!

Midnight_Dragon: 2008-02-12 07:20:58
This ones hella funny. When I saw this one I started laughing, partly because the white cat is pointing at her friend. And the Grey one just seems to come out of nowhere. But this one is seriously funny. 20 out of 10.

2GUD4U: 2007-08-25 23:14:22
I wish we had an army like that, too.

Furry / Neko Lover: 2007-08-01 23:53:25
This is really funny to look at, also the art is amazing, the small joke with Hot Pussy and their expression is great!

chikpea: 2006-12-31 01:18:59
I didn't know the army could be so much fun. Where does a good girl join up?

Shoujo_Ai Yuko Girl: 2006-11-21 03:30:38
This is so awesome very cool i had seen some of these pictures some of them are very nicely done :)

Kaoru Hitachiin: 2006-10-07 09:27:19
This is freakin' sexy! ^_^

Some dude: 2006-08-11 06:32:07
When they asked me to join the army i declined; can I, now? Awesome dude.

campsoup1988: 2006-07-26 16:10:05
for some reason, this picture reminds me of the movie Private Benjimin! - Verry nice! I rate it a 100 out of 1-10! ~~campsoup1988

Hentai Hunter: 2006-07-21 15:43:32
what are their enemies? Dogs?

El Portablay: 2006-07-16 21:08:11
damn that was hot and oddly the cat in the tank sorta looks like haruhara haruko from FLCL o well

Mr Person: 2006-07-05 08:38:43
Pretty awesome. It's funny and hot.

Anonymous: 2006-05-09 04:31:01
hahaha ^_^

rayquaza: 2006-03-27 02:12:33
Wow I wont to gone the hot pussy army that is a fucking good dream.

Sheila Halhead: 2006-02-20 07:28:15
lol I like that one the best because purple cat was shocked-eyes! lol I don't mind lesbain that because I want to learn the drawing of yuri-lesbains anime. It's cool pic! ^-^

Tim Rafer: 2005-11-27 20:41:02
2 good 2 be tru a tank called HOT PUSSY and allot of cute catgirls (I love catgirls) just good an 10 in my book

Anonymous: 2005-11-20 23:00:50
sorry but that's amazingly funny

Kane Grave Secheam: 2005-09-19 16:35:47
I don't know why, but I laughed when I saw this...