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Anonymous: 2009-05-17 01:09:13
Hmm... very awesome. This is what I say happens next. The purple haried girl (I'm just gonna call her Lola xD) slowly takes the blondie's (how about Mary for her name?) panties off. Lola slowly shoves the dildo into Mary's pussy. Lola flips a switch on the dildo and it vibrates. After the dildo/vibrator is removed, Mary lays on her back and brings her legs up. Lola grabs the anal beads and shoves them into her one by one. After a few minutes she pulls the beads out, and their sheets are wet with Mary's cum. Then it's Lola's turn. She lays on her back and Mary lays on top of her. She gets a dildo with two ends and puts it between their pussys, both now wet. Mary's brother walks in on them and immediately takes the advantage. He gets on his younger sister and forces his penis into her, and thats where their night just begins :) Damn would I like to be her brother.

angel13: 2007-12-28 13:55:05
the next book shell be reading is 'How to Lesbian: Extreme Pleasure and CUUUM' That would be a nicer pic

andi: 2007-03-06 01:33:48
anyone notice the poke'mon in the back round? lol but every element in this picture makes me so horny

chikpea: 2006-12-31 01:21:59
Don't read the book babe. Come see me.

rayquaza: 2006-05-31 06:05:45
damn damn I wish I was in that sleep over a threesome it sound good to me.

rayquaza: 2006-03-27 01:56:33
men ever time I look at this image I get so horny.

Neko Hentai: 2006-01-22 15:22:45
I love when little anime girls get sexed

demonex: 2005-12-30 18:49:26
kinkey yet inocent

Anonymous: 2005-07-15 14:30:30
Very sexeh! I like them getting hot and horny, the bag of toys and the magazine adds points too! Very nice coloring work also, looks like a soft celled anime shot.

darren lapointe: 2005-06-14 16:06:47
I liked that u used one of my fave pics on the book

anthony lackman: 2005-05-26 01:38:53
first times are the best especially when u r guy watching